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Wheelchair Accessible Boat

In order to meet the goals of our organization, it is important that we have the ability to provide services to all of our veterans, regardless of their disability.  A key asset to this effort is a wheelchair / mobility chair accessible fishing platform.  H2O Mobility provides the necessary features on the fiberglass and aluminum pontoons to make this possible.   This multi-purpose platform will allow our organization to not only provide a number of services to our veterans but will also ensure a greater level of safety for those on board.  

 Donations of $2,500 or more that are provided by a business or non-profit foundation will ensure your organizations name is permanently recognized on the boat for the duration of ownership.  Donations of $250 or more made in recognition or memory of a veteran will ensure the veteran's name is also adhered to the boat as we honor each one.  Additional sponsorship opportunities are also available.  All donations aligned with any part of our sponsor package will receive full package benefits.

If you would like to assist, please complete the contact information form below so that we can ensure your donation is allocated for this project.  

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