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Corporate Boat Purchase Update

Now that we are through the holidays, we will renew our focus on the purchase of a wheelchair accessible boat. To date, we have received a total of $3,261 in donations. This is far from the amount required to meet our needs. As we move into January 2023, we will begin to reach out to more corporations with the hope of acquiring the support necessary to meet this goal. We are also taking private donations for individuals that would like to assist in meeting our goals. Look for a future update that will provide information on promotional incentives that will be provided with donations of $50 or more. For anyone that has donated towards the purchase so far, the incentive will be retroactive. All funds received are reserved specifically for the purchase of the boat so that we can provide more opportunities to our members. So, what else is new? Look for more information in our next blog post regarding how we are expanding our efforts to include our members that enjoy shooting and hunting!

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