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Focus on our Supporters - Gnann's Fix-it Shop

This week I would like to focus on one of several supporters that may not have donated enough to fall into the sponsor category, but who have given of themselves to support our organization. This weeks spotlight is on Clarence Gnann and Gnann's Fix-it Shop in Springfield Georgia.

The small town of Springfield is much like one of those towns you see in a movie with a boy throwing newspapers from his bicycle. Springfield is also the home to the Effingham Country Sheriffs Department where Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie does his best to keep the county safe. An old theatre known as the Mars often plays movies and hosts various concerts by well-known artists. Just up the street, you will find find a variety of vintage stores and Moo McGinns Ice cream shop.

Up the street but perfectly fitting for the location, Gnann's Fix-it Shop sells a variety of Snapper and Stihl lawn equipment. Only a few years ago, I graced the doors of his shop frequently as I operated a tree service out of the area. Clarence has always provided friendly service and maintains a top notch small engine repair service. If you hang around the area long enough, you might even catch him at the park of living history mingling with the locals while operating a vintage log splitter.

If you are ever in the area of Springfield Georgia, stop by and tell him hello. Then take a few minutes to drive through their little town and get yourself an ice cream made the way you want it. Time it right and you might even catch the state fair or find the living history park bustling with activity as they relive the good old days.

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