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In Honor of Captain John Yancey

Today, I will be retiring an American flag that has flown its last mission. This flag has seen its fair share of wind and rain, and has hung proudly near the front of our house. The last heavy winds took a toll on the old flag and rips began to appear as it continued to wave. This evening the retirement of the flag will be performed in accordance with the United States Flag code, Title 4, Section 8k, in Honor of Captain John Yancey. I will once again wear my military uniform as I bear this privilege and perform the task in a private, proper and dignified manner.

Captain John Yancey is the father of our own organization's Vice President, Jay Yancey. Jay is currently spending time with his dad as Captain Yancey has been placed in Hospice care. Captain Yancey served in the United States Army medical service during the Vietnam campaign while being fortunate enough to be based in Hawaii. His duties included performing as an Operating Room Trauma Technician working to save the lives of the wounded as they were evacuated from Vietnam. We salute Captain Yancey as he prepares for his final PCS, knowing he leaves a legacy for his family. Jay will attempt to take Captain Yancey on one more fishing adventure as he makes the most of this valuable time with his dad.

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