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New Places, New Opportunities

This weekend I took the time to put the boat in the water after waiting about 6 weeks to receive parts required for safe operation. As expected, I encountered the usual anomalies that occur when a boat sits for an extended period of time. A happy boat is typically a boat that is always being used. After working through the anticipated issues, I decided to leave the Savannah River and head towards Daufuskie Island, SC. Since entering the tournament scene several years ago, I found it advantageous to carry a fishing license for all states that I visit just in case I make such spontaneous decisions. I ventured down cuts and creeks that I have never fished before in an effort to find locations that were less popular and lesser known.

The tide was high and the current was just beginning to change as I trolled towards a side creek on a shoal. Small splashes of water accompanied by a light popping sound accompanied Menhaden breaking the waters surface all around me. Although I was intent on fishing some new artificial baits, I learned long ago to never pass up an opportunity to get bait if they are available. After all, you never know what the fish will be chasing at any given moment in time. I'll admit that my skills for throwing a cast net leave a lot to be desired, but even a blind squirrel can occasionally find a nut. While my first 3 casts resulted in absolutely nothing and net that looked more like a taco than a pancake, the 4th cast would pay off heavily with approximately fifty unhappy Menhaden looking for refuge. Placing the bait in the live-well, I started the Pro-Air system to try and keep them as healthy as possible.

After surprising myself with the good fortune of the cast net, I went back to my original plan of fishing with artificial baits, casting along the edge of the grass along a small shallow pool that was just feeling the warmth of the morning sun. After two casts, I was rewarded by a tug on the line as a fifteen inch spotted sea trout took the bait and began to run. For those that are familiar with the excitement of the catch, you know the adrenaline begins to pump regardless of the size fish on the line. The feeling excites me about as much as anything can, and I will spend hours fishing the same stretch of water if I feel the area shows promise.

As the day progressed, I discovered a shelf that held a multitude of scavenger fish such as croaker and whiting. However, this was not the species I was chasing and after fishing a few minutes with cut-bait, I decided to go back to my artificial baits and tie on one of the new Berkley Gulp translucent shrimp. I must say that I was impressed by this bait. Whether fishing with a popping cork or just jigging along the bottom, I consistently began to reel in Redfish, Trout and Flounder. Determined to see if I would have similar results with a different brand, I swapped over to another rod sporting a Z-Man scented paddle tail on a 1/4 ounce jig-head. This seemed to be the best setup for getting the attention of flounder laying on the bottom. This also resulted in providing a 16.5 inch Atlantic Flounder that would contribute to our dinner table.

Each week, we take the boat out and test new baits while looking for potential areas that will attract fish during upcoming tournaments. This is the time where we also take our veterans out on the water to just enjoy the opportunity to fish and share their story. If you have an interest in taking a trip inshore and enjoying the experience of a lifetime, look us up and join our organization. If you have any questions regarding the organization, please reach out to me at 912-996-3442. Although we take donations to further the efforts of the organization, we never accept payment for our fishing trips. Join me as I venture into unknown areas and searching for fish that no one else has had the good fortune to find. Be a part of our video library as we record our catches and provide insight and tips for catching your favorite inshore species. I look forward to seeing you on the water.

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