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ShuttleSlide Trolling Motor Mount

It's always fun to try a product that promises new innovation that will make things easier on the water. I recently added a Minn Kota Ulterra 112 to our Sportsman Tournament 234 bay boat. We knew that we would need a lot of thrust to push a 23 foot boat against heavy currents and winds. The Charter Captain that I purchased the trolling motor from told me I should try the ShuttleSlide mount so the motor would never stick out and hit the bow roller when unloading or loading the boat on the trailer.

I contacted the helpful people at ShuttleSlide and described what type of fishing we do and the type of trolling motor we would be using. In turn, they provided me with the mount that is designed to withstand the thrust output of the trolling motor I purchased. In this case it was the SS-9-HD. When I received it and opened the box, I found all the parts necessary to assemble (some assembly required) and mount it to the boat. The product arrived with the required hardware and instructions to access an animated video for assembly. In our modern world where we try to limit the amount of paper we use, I was fine with the digital format. However, I found the individual parts had no paint, primer or conversion coatings to protect them from corrosion. The mount itself consisted of 2 aluminum plates approximately 1/4" thick that were predrilled and tapped for the mounting hardware, 2 thumbscrews for easy removal of the trolling motor, a nylon guide board approximately 1/2" thick, with the same width as the aluminum plates, and 2 angle brackets to serve as guides for the trolling motor.