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Tournament Opportunities for Disabled Veterans

2021 is almost upon us as many of us look for 2020 to quickly and decisively come to an end. After all, COVID has impacted most of our lives in an unprecedented manner that we would all love to forget. With the new year, comes new tournament opportunities. Casting for a Cause will be providing a newsletter this month (our first) that will provide a partial listing of the tournaments that we will help disabled veterans participate in. Interested veterans should understand the Terms and Conditions for participating in these events at little or no cost to them.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to anyone that would like to apply to represent C4aC as a participate in qualifying sanctioned tournaments:

- Must be a C4aC Gold, Silver or Executive Member

- Disabled Veterans have priority

- Member must complete the tournament application form and sign a release of liability

- Tournament entry and C4aC operating fees must be funded

- Fundraising is provided through Facebook or other social media outlets

- Fundraising goals will include but may not be limited to entry fees, travel expenses, lodging, meals, operating expenses and tackle.

- Member must share the fundraiser through their own page at least 3 times weekly

- Member will be accompanied by C4aC staff or delegated Charter Captain Member

- C4aC Logo will be displayed on any participating vessels

- C4aC Jersey should be ordered 8 weeks in advance of the tournament (if practical)

- All funds raised through the campaign are reserved for the members participation

- Member can elect to cancel or reschedule twice prior to tournament entry being paid

- Funds not utilized by the member will be reallocated to assist another entry

- Funds remaining upon completion of all scheduled tournaments will be reallocated to assist the organization with daily operating expenses

- Upon payment of tournament entry, if member cannot participate, the slot will be forfeited and may be filled by another member

- Donations are non-refundable

- C4aC will provide all equipment necessary to compete

- If C4aC vessels are not available, a Charter Captain Member may compete with the veteran member as a C4aC Associate. The Charter Captain must meet all requirements required for our staff.

- Tournament Marshalls will be selected by C4aC and must meet all requirements required for our staff.

- Competing members will be provided educational materials to assist in site selection

-Competitors will be required to identify at least one location to fish, based on the educational materials provided

The guidelines provided are subject to modification, but currently sets the minimum requirements for tournament participation as a representative of C4aC. We look forward to providing tournament opportunities to our members. The top scoring members will be recognized at the Annual Awards Banquet in October and may also have an opportunity to compete in the Redfish World Series, Hosted by Gritter Griffin.

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