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Tournament Participation Procedures and Expectations

Happy New Year from Casting for a Cause Disabled Veterans Foundation (C4aC). With the introduction of 2021, we have found that we need to summarize how we determine who fishes in what tournaments, how the funds are raised and provided and how winnings are distributed. Going forward, we will provide an outline to all participants that will require acknowledgment of understanding to ensure any questions are addressed prior to participation.

C4aC works to provide a recreational outlet for our veterans and disabled veterans across the United States. Since we are based near Savannah Georgia, we also depend on associate members (non-military) to assist with getting our vets on the water. In addition to providing routine fishing outings, we also work to enter disabled veterans into nationally recognized fishing tournaments. Most of these tournaments will provide an opportunity to participate in Championship events depending on how you place. To be eligible as either a disabled veteran or a captain, you must be a member of C4aC. Membership is free to veterans that are 100% disabled. Veterans with lesser ratings or no rating will be required to pay a $75 annual membership. Associate (non-veteran) memberships are available for $150 annually. All tournaments must be funded. This means fundraising efforts will be required to raise the money necessary to cover expenses. If a company or individual would like to sponsor the necessary costs, the fundraiser is not needed. Tournament costs can range from $350 to several thousand dollars when competing in championships or if invited to the Redfish World Series.

Participants must agree to the guidelines provided, which are as follows:

*Disabled veterans and captains participating in the event will assist in the fundraising efforts by sharing and promoting through social media.

*If a disabled veteran is not available for a scheduled tournament within the approved series, non-disabled veterans can apply. Disabled veterans receive the highest priority for all tournaments.

*Fundraising efforts will attempt to cover tournament entry fees, tournament membership fees, travel expenses and lodging.

*If fundraising efforts fall short, but provide enough to cover the cost of the tournament, it is up to the participant and the captain to determine if they will cover the remaining costs. If not, the funds will be reserved for them to participate in a later tournament, allowing the opportunity to raise additional funds.

*Any funds not utilized for tournament expenses will go into the operating budget for C4aC, unless tournament placing provides a championship opportunity. In this case, the funds will be held in reserve to assist with the cost the team members participating in the championship.

*Participants are representing C4aC and are expected to maintain the highest level of integrity and courtesy during the tournament and during interactions away from the tournament with tournament participants.

*C4aC will never support the protest of a tournament. If participants feel a protest is necessary, any associated costs will be their responsibility.

*C4aC is an equal opportunity organization. We hold no prejudice regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, sexual orientation or any other differences members may have. Each member is expected to be courteous to one another and tolerant of any differences.

*C4aC will provide each participant with a jersey to be worn during the tournament. Promotion of the organization and our sponsors is expected and appreciated during the event.

*Winnings are distributed 50/50 between the captain and the veteran member. However, if the position finished qualifies the team for a Championship opportunity and both members agree to compete, winnings will be transferred to C4aC and held in reserve to cover the costs necessary for Championship participation.

*Winnings are taxable and may cause inconvenience to some participants. In the event a participant does not want to be taxed on the winnings, at the Tournament Directors discretion, the winnings can be distributed to C4aC and held as credit for the participants for a period not to exceed 24 months. (Non-Profit Application pending approval)

*Member participants will be invited to the C4aC annual awards banquet in Savannah, Ga to coincide with the Annual Cameron Walters Memorial Redfish Tournament in October. Awards will be provided to the top scoring tournament participants.

If participating members have a grievance with the organization for any reason and it cannot be worked out between the members and the Executive Director, it will be forwarded to the C4aC Board of Directors (including legal counsel) for further consideration.

As with any effort provide by C4aC, private discussions/events between veteran members and captains are to be held in the strictest confidence and not disclosed outside of the C4aC staff.

We look forward to working with you as we advance in our fishing endeavors. If you have suggestions for other tournament opportunities or advice on how we can improve our efforts, please email us at

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