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Up and Running

Casting for a Cause will fish its first tournament of 2020 on June 6. The boat is almost ready to go, but we still have not gained enough sponsorship to have the decals (wrap) applied just yet. We are thankful to have picked up support from "The Local on 17" restaurant in Richmond Hill, GA. We have also picked up Tel-Conn Manufacturing as a sponsor and provider of Pro Mariner waterproof battery Chargers. In addition to these, Allen Edwards at All Outboard Marine will be providing our routine engine maintenance. Come watch us grow. If you are a disabled veteran and would like to participate in a tournament with us, let me know.

We are currently writing Terms and Conditions regarding winnings received by members participating in tournaments using organization funds. This will help the organization fund future events and acquire equipment necessary to grow. We look forward to your input as we provide new opportunities for our members.

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