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We're Building a Boat...and more!

Casting for a Cause Disabled Veterans Foundation is about more than just getting our members out on the water and fishing. It's about recovery. Many of our disabled veterans could care less about fishing, but they love doing things with their hands...things they can be proud of. Well, we are preparing to expand our operations and begin multiple events that are not just for fishermen, but also for craftsmen and hobbyists. WE ARE BUILDING A BOAT!

This week I was thinking about what we can do as an organization to help our disabled veterans who have no interest in fishing. As an avid woodworker, I'm always building one thing or another. I have plenty of equipment and woodworking tools and wood is readily available. As I was scrolling through social media posts, I came across someone that was building a wooden boat. So my journey began as I started looking to see if anyone had plans for a flats boat that would perform as well as it looks. Not only is a boat a great project, but it can be used to further the cause of the organization while also provide much needed income. As I started toying with the idea, I also began to look at what it would cost to build and how we could raise the funds necessary to purchase the materials. This could prove to be a challenge since our average funds raised are about $400 per month. So, I started thinking about things our members could do to assist that would not require them to use their own money to purchase materials. Since bee keeping is on the rise, building beehives would be a fairly easy source of income for the organization. It won't provide a lot of money, but it will provide enough to help with the purchase of materials for building a boat. It will also provide our members that are interested an opportunity to raise their own bees.

After researching and finding a suitable flats boat idea, I called Gayle Brantuk at Glen-L Marine Designs in California. I told her what I wanted to do and she her interest became very apparent. She even told me of a Navy veteran that built a boat as a form of therapy and truly believes it saved his life. Without hesitation, Gayle agreed to provide plans for our flats boat project at no cost to our organization. With an agreement in place, she had the plans shipped out today so that we can start our preparations as soon as possible.

In appreciation of the plans donation, I have added a page to this website for visitors to be able to follow the build. We will post photos and comments each step of the way. We are thankful for the generosity of Glen-L Marine Designs and hope to build a lasting relationship as we begin our venture. Look for the "Veterans Building Boats" tab and watch our progress. We will even add a section where you can provide your comments!

The boat in the photo below was built from the same plans we will be using. If you have an interest in assisting with this project, let us know. We will also be looking for donations of parts. Good condition used parts are fine, but if you would like to assist in the purchase of materials or parts to complete this project, visit our shop/sponsor/donate link under the "More" tab and look for the Monetary Donation button.

We look forward to getting this build started, and would like to encourage your participation. Each person that provides assistance, whatever type it may be, will receive a photo of the completed project and also have their name added to the boat on a small plaque. Now come on! Help us build a boat!

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