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Where are We?!

Many of you may have realized that we have not been on the water in a few months. Don't worry. We are still around. If you are looking to fish, send us an email and we will work to set up a trip for you. The reason you have not seen photos of our boat and fishing excursions is because I sold my personal boat as it approached the end of its warranty period. During this time, we have begun our fund-raising campaign to purchase a wheelchair accessible boat for the organization. I will still purchase a boat for myself towards the end of the year, but I felt it important to ensure my focus is on finding a more stable platform to ensure we meet the goals of the organization.

As stated previously, we are making a number of changes to try and mitigate any confusion about what we do and where the money goes. If any of our active members, sponsors or supporters are ever in doubt, we are happy to share our financials for full transparency. Sponsors, supporters and memberships are very important to the organization since we never charge a fee to fish. Although not necessary for our operations, I am licensed by the state of Georgia as a guide. However, we do not operate as a charter and never fish for hire as such. Also, we will host a number of other fund-raising efforts to provide the best opportunity of raising funds to support the organization and the boat purchase. If you would like to support a specific effort, please let us know. We will ensure your donation is used as you may allocate it.

Some of you may have seen or previous blog post related to a primitive fishing tournament. This will likely occur during September or October of 2023 as we work to secure sponsors and door prizes for the event. Watch this page or find us on Facebook for upcoming details.

Finally, I want to thank each of our sponsors and supporters. The impact to your organization and/or personal finances does not go unnoticed. A few of the sponsors that have been with us from the start are Tel-Conn Cable and Electronics, Ashley Boyette State Farm, Edwards Interior Graphics, The Local on 17 and OverSlot Outdoors. Other sponsors we have gained since then are Release Marine, Oliver Maner LLP, Gnann's Fix-it Shop, Effingham County Rotary Club, and Interstate Batteries (local office). Additional support is provided by Florida Fishing Products, StowMaster Landing Nets and Z-Man baits. Please visit each of our sponsors and show them your support. Also, as Vicki and I prepare for the next phase of organizational growth, we want to thank each of our members and our Board of Directors for their dedication to the organization. We look forward to hosting more events and even a get together or two post Covid.

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