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Why the New Logo?

Casting for a Cause Disabled Veterans Foundation recently filed for 501c3 nonprofit status. The goal of our organization is to provide a recreational outlet for those veterans suffering from any number of disabilities. Many of our military and prior military brothers and sisters continue to fight, even after leaving the battlefield. After really having an opportunity to witness first-hand some of the issues our veterans experience, I realized that we need to identify the reason we do what we do on our logo. Hence the reason for the modified logo stating, "Because the Battle Doesn't End on the Battlefield".

Over the next few months, I will be asking our members to provide a testimonial regarding the opportunities we provide and how fishing has impacted their lives physically and psychologically. We will also be posting new products in our store in an effort to raise the operating funds necessary to carry us through the next year. Due to COVID-19, fund raising efforts have been hampered and we have not received the funds necessary to carry us into 2021. A personal investment and with help from our Board of Directors, we have been able to take care of some immediate needs. However, for us to meet our goals, we need your help. Visit our store and make suggestions of items you would like to see.

I will be reaching out to local businesses in the Greater Savannah area to gain the support necessary to carry us through the year. If your business has an interest in preventing the 22 veteran suicides that occur each day, please send us an email at or contact us by phone at 912-996-3442. We will gladly represent any organization that has a like-minded desire to provide our veterans with the psychological healing that fishing can provide.

Many of our veterans enjoy fishing so much that they seek to participate in nationally sanctioned tournaments. This provides an opportunity for them to follow a dream and maybe even make the podium. This opportunity is available to any disabled veteran that becomes a member. If you would like to provide a membership opportunity, visit our store and look for the icon of the saluting veteran. We also provide opportunities to sponsor an individual tournament or even a tournament series. Look for the tournament icons for the IFA Redfish Tour, The Southern Redfish Cup, The Power-Pole Pro Redfish Cup and the National Redfish League. Since our primary goal is to provide local fishing opportunities and work with organizations across the US to provide those same opportunities, any tournaments must be funded above and beyond or normal operating costs. For this reason, our members can only participate in tournaments that are specifically funded by our sponsors.

Please continue to follow our website and our Facebook page to learn more about what we do. We gladly listen to your suggestions and look to incorporate those that make good business sense for the organization. If you would like to volunteer and be a part of our organization, let us know. We will also be looking for volunteers and product donations to help with our First Annual Cameron Walters Annual Memorial Redfish Tournament and awards banquet. Here, we will work to team our members up with other participants and also award our volunteers and sanctioned tournament participants.

We look forward to your support and hope to see you on the water!

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